Business Managers and HR Managers searching for new, creative, and sustainable ways to add cost-effective employee benefits to their Business Remuneration Policy.


Our range of products can be a standalone or combo benefitting employees and the business and in so doing improve the ESI (Employee Satisfaction Index).


Let us assist in creating a cost-effective employee benefit for your company, addressing the current WFH challenges.

Do not hesitate to contact us to develop an Employee Benefit Product, suitable for all the job grades in your business.

Products for Businesses

Do Note:


Our Business Products are designed to improve the Employee Satisfaction Index (ESI) and

make available a range of products suitable for Corporate Social Investment (CSI).


This will give employers an opportunity to do meaningful and sustainable

investments in communities to maintain or improve their BEE Scorecard.






Our products, or a combination thereof, are suitable for CSI projects relating to SED (Social Economic Development) and ED (Economic Development).


Section 18/3 administrative assistance for estates less than R250 000 as a standalone or in combo with one or more of our other products and services will have a positive contribution for the proper alienation of the assets of a deceased. 


The FairShopping product can help community members to spend up to 16% less on groceries. This will have an immediate impact on their discretionary income.


Our products can be used for SED or ED, and we do issue a SARS 18A certificate to give you the tax benefit your company deserves.


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