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What is Fair Shopping?

Fair shopping is a discount coupon, giving you up to a 16% discount on your monthly grocery purchases. This is a real discount on all the items listed in your coupon.

At which shops can I use the coupon?

At Shoprite, Checkers Hyper and Pick n Pay.

Must I sign a contract to purchase coupons?

No, if you buy it as a standalone, you purchase it on a monthly basis. After we received payment, we will register you on the system.

Is there real discount value in this product?
Yes, even if Shoprite advertise a discount on an item, and the same item is on your coupon list, you will get both discounts.

What does a coupon cost per month?

If you purchase a coupon as a standalone product, it is more expensive than if you purchase a coupon in combo with one of our other products.


The monthly savings should give you cash flow to purchase any one of our other products.


We believe it will help you to start building wealth.

Can an item only be purchased at a discounted price?

No, the coupon will indicate how many times a month you can purchase the item at the discounted price.

How does it work?

Once you purchased a coupon, we will register your cell phone number on our system. When you do your purchase, you show the cashier the barcode on your phone (smartphone) they will scan it and you will get your discount.

If you do not have a smartphone, give the cashier the USSD code you received on an SMS. They will enter the code at the till, and you will receive your discount.

Can I buy more than one coupon a month?

You can purchase one coupon per cell phone number at these four retailers.


Shoprite, Checkers, Pick 'n Pay and Dischem

What other value can I get from the coupon?

It will take some self-discipline, but the savings made on a monthly basis can easily cover the cost of any or a combination of our other products, thus allowing you to start building wealth and a financial legacy.

For how long can I use the coupon?
The coupon is valid for one month.

If the coupon is a combo with any of our funeral or life policy products, we will automatically register you every month.